me: Can’t sleep girl talk to me bb
LK: hi th
me: In bed w a cough keep coughing not sleeping
LK: oh no
 do you want to be interviewed?
me: About my cough?
LK: no about your art
5:08 AM me: Oh wow ok
LK: okay cool, tell me about your schedule, when do you write/
me: Oh wow we are doing this now?
5:09 AM LK: yeah
me: will the interview be v profess?
LK: right now baby
me: Will I be able to like, link to it to my irl people to have them think I’m actually doing something important?
5:10 AM LK: you can do whatever but your irl ppl will probably not ever think you’re doing something important
 tell me about when you write please
me: I know :(
5:11 AM I only write when I have something I want to write. I dont think writing with a schedule gets any real results.
LK: surely that depends on what you’re writing, are we talking poetry right now?
5:12 AM if you were doing a novel, i’d suggest a schedule
5:14 AM me: I’m talking about all writing. Like, you can clock out 1,000 words a day but if your heart isn’t into it at the time you’re just going to get boring writing. I’m only speaking about myself, though. I’ve stopped a lot of projects just because I lost interest. I dont think that’s embarrassing or bad determination. If you don’t feel like writing then you shouldn’t.
LK: What is your favorite thing that you have made?
5:16 AM I either dislike all the things I’ve made or have no real opinion of them anymore. I’ve given up writing for appreciating the final result because I’m never satisfied. I just write to enjoy writing. Putting it out there is like a secondary goal to me now.
5:17 AM LK: so the reception is not important?
5:19 AM me: It makes me feel good when people give me encouraging messages about how they really liked something but I’m way too critical of my own writing to believe them, I guess. There is still that part of me that cares a big deal but when I’m writing I try very hard to ignore that part. When I’m writing I only write for myself, or I try to at least.
5:21 AM LK: nice. who are some writers you admire? (can be living or dead, people you know or people who you do not know)
5:23 AM me: Hemingway, bukowski, e.e. Cummings are probably the people I’ve read the most by. Noah Cicero and Steve roggenbuck are great and I admire their writing and are probably a bigger inspiration to me than I lead on.
5:25 AM LK: sweet. i feel good about that.
 was there a book that ‘got you into’ literature?
 did you like reading as a kid?
5:27 AM me: Ernest Hemingway’s the old man and the sea. Before I read that freshman year of high school I had no interest in art or writing. I was always a good writer though. In first grade I figured out how to plagiarize essays.
LK: lol. okay i don’t know if that makes you a good writer, but well done on that.
5:28 AM can you tell me some music you listen to when you want to feel ‘pumped up’?
5:29 AM me: Chief keef. Bitches love Sosa.
LK: lol good. okay last question, can you tell me your favorite piece on shabby doll house?
5:31 AM (brb, still answer)
5:33 AM me: Feel I am biased when saying that Pancho Espinosa’s tweets (which you and I edited) are my favorite. I wouldn’t feel honest if I said anything else though. Pancho is a genius and is one of the best writers on twitter.

5:41 AM LK: lol. okay thank you for your time
 i am going to put this on the shabby doll tumblr

5:56 AM me: Lol ok
 P good interview

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